About FIX8 Design

Designing Amazing content SInce 2008

Servicing the Gold Coast to Coffs Harbour, and with clients Australia wide. FIX8 Design began in 2008 and since then has provided graphic design and print solutions to a myriad of clients from hotel chains; bottle shops & clubs, to shopping centres, restaurants, musicians, street-press magazines and more.

In recent years (Since 2017), We have also been servicing the web—specialising in WordPress websites for small to medium sized businesses.

FIX8 Design is well versed in WordPress and web coding technologies such as CSS and HTML, and are professionals at designing modern high class websites—and of course print media such as business stationery and signage to match.

We are passionate about what we do. Get in touch with us, and see how we can help with your design needs today.

Our Mission

To offer state of the art graphic design, print and web solutions to our clients, while building relationships based on trust and satisfaction, with honesty and transparency in everything we do. Your business is our business! We are customer focussed and committed to service, while offering professional industry standard work at affordable, competitive prices.

Industry Experience

Having worked in the graphic design industry for 13+ years, we have the experience and know-how that only time and dedication to ones craft can bring. We strive for excellence—continually improving upon the skills we have been developing since day dot. 

Value for money

We only charge for what we are worth, always seeking to create a win/win situation for our clients and ourselves. We’ve worked very hard at what we do to get up to speed so that we are not charging for an unrealistic time frame on any work done.

We supply a quote for the job before commencement with no hidden fees. Our services are mainly charged at a fixed rate and if you have special needs we will quote accordingly. If the design brief’s original scope changes, we will inform you of any extra charges prior to reaching an agreement. And of course—all quotes are free.

Our products and services are of a premium quality, and we charge a reasonable and competitive price for a professional service that meets industry standards. Unsure what a job will cost? Ask us for a quote on a job today. 

Please note: We may request more information on the job specifications before a quote can be generated.

Honesty and Integrity

Our reputation and integrity as a business is built upon how well we are able to serve your needs, and it is therefore in our utmost best interest to do that to the best of our abilities whilst always striving to do better.

We are always committed to improving our services; and making sure that you—the client—walk away knowing you have been dealt fair and honest business, and have received great value for your money. In other words we are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and offer ongoing support should you need it.

Our CORE Values



Transparent & Upfront
No Hidden Fees



Highest Quality
Best Practice
Experienced & Mature
Abreast of Industry Trends
& Technologies






Goal Driven
Striving for Excellence
& Continued Improvement



Building Relationships
Trust & Satisfaction
Client Focussed
Service minded
Committed & Loyal